Avoin Ekosysteemi

  • Veijo Heinonen

    Managing Director
    Main areas of expertise (FMCG):
    - Leadership and General Management
    - Ecommerce / Digital World
    - Change Management
    - Business Strategy
    - Business Analysis and Strategic Planning
    - Sales Management
    - Category Management

  • Petri Laine

    Research Scientist, at VTT
    Main areas of expertise and activities:
    - Leadership and Project Management
    - Research, Development and Innovation
    - Ecosystem/holistic Business Development
    - Modular Logistics
    - Supply Space Management
    - Sales and Customer Engagement
    - Customer Relations Management

  • Kari Uusitalo

    Senior Technology Adviser, Ph.D., Dr. Econ at Business Finland
    - R&D - Ecosystems; Supply Space Management, testbed -simulation in ecosystem context
    - Auditing
    - Purpose Driven Economy
    - Public finance opportunities for growth businesses
    - Future scenarios of logistics services
    - what will be after supply chain centric development trend?
    - Customer based service businesses
    - Network development and management of the future
    - Value based business development
    - Constructive research and developing method
    - Soft systems thinking
    - Holistic business thinking
    - Research innovation process (r&d-methodology)